Top 10 Tips for Tortuga Music Festival

Get ready to rock the 6th annual Tortuga Music Festival of country music April 6-8 on Fort Lauderdale Beach. While helping to save our world’s oceans here are the top 10 tips on how to make the most of Tortuga Music Festival.


1. Lather Up                                                                                                  

The sunshine and warm weather is what makes Tortuga so much fun in Fort Lauderdale. But too many had a good day turn into bad sunburn. Lesson learned: lather up (non-aerosol)!


2. Plan Your Schedule Wisely

With stages and several performances, you will want to research on the line-up and plan according to which artists you would like to see, and which you can skip.


3. Hydrate, Hyrdrate & Hydrate Some More

So many are excited for the weekend of Tortuga that they forget to drink water! Florida is very hot & humid, this can be particularly dangerous when mixing dancing, alcohol and sun. Tortuga allows empty water bottles and CamelBaks up to 1-liter or smaller. Fill one up for free at one of the water stations inside the festival.


4. Have A Plan For Getting Here                                                                                                    

Make getting here stress-free by avoiding the traffic. As Tortuga Festival has no official parking, it is recommended to take the festival shuttles or a water taxi. Purchase a shuttle/water taxi pass, which cost $30 if you purchase in advance or $40 for the day. Kids under 10 ride free. After parking at the Galleria Mall hop on the shuttle from Sunrise Boulevard from 10:30 a.m. to 11 p.m. to the festival. If you are looking for more of a scenic route your option is to water taxi by boarding at Riverfront in Las Olas. Rideshares are available however, at peak time traffic tends to back up.


5. Bring A Charger For Mobile Battery

Between all the Snapchats, pictures and videos from your mobile phone for hours it is bound to run out of battery. Tortuga Music Festival offers a complimentary charging station but the lines can be frequently difficult and long. Come prepared with your own personal solar charger to keep your phone alive all weekend.


6. Pack Light

Know what you can bring and what you can’t. As this is not your typical beach day, Tortuga Music Festival has a pretty simple list here. Bring a light backpack or fanny pack with the essentials: sunscreen, phone, wallet, and snacks.


7. Have A Meet Up Spot

Going in a big group? Chances are at some point, you are going to separate. Plan a specific meet up spot and meet at certain times.


8. Go Cashless

Instead of worrying about losing a credit card or not having enough cash on hand to splurge on your favorite band’s T-shirt, register your wristband for the cashless option that will securely link your credit or debit card. Most food vendors on-site will accept cashless but it still recommended to bring cash for those vendors that don’t.


9. Dress For Comfort

There's one thing for certain: expect the unexpected especially when the weather turns.  Not to mention if you’re deep into the crowd, your feet may get stepped on. Wear comfortable clothing and shoes that can handle the weather during day and night.


10. Go With The Flow

It’s Tortuga. Enjoy your time there, in whatever way you see fit.



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29 Mar 2018

By Carissa Sadler