Art Fort Lauderdale: The Art Fair on the Water

We wanted to create an Art Fair that was unique to Fort Lauderdale but within the same 4-day format as traditional Art Fairs,” says Andrew Martineau, founder of Art Fort Lauderdale - The Art Fair on the Water. The 41-year-old Artist, turned Creative Director turned shopping center Marketing Director turned Art Fair producer says he was never able to become a full-time artist because he likes nice things, but made it a mission of supporting artists in any way he could over the last two decades.

This lead Martineau to begin a mission of creating platforms for culture to be cultivated and experienced, with his hometown of Fort Lauderdale serving as a ripe destination for an Art Fair highlights the uniqueness of the city. This platform in turn puts Fort Lauderdale on the art world map as a premiere location to view, interact with and purchase art along with giving art aficionados, residents and visitors a cultural experience that is memorable, interactive and engaging.

So, what exactly does this look like? An Art Fair, on the water, in Fort Lauderdale? Well, the journey begins at the Bahia Mar Yachting Center - home to the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show where guests wait in the Captain’s Quarters Lounge for a water taxi or private yacht to take them on an artistic journey of discovery through multiple vacant luxury waterfront properties where they can view, interact with and purchase art of all kinds. The water taxi is chartered on a custom route that continually rotates all day throughout the waterways of the intracoastal, which allows attendees to stay for as long as they like at each property and gives them time to contemplate and anticipate what they saw and what they hope to see on the next stop.

From paintings to art installations to rare collectible cars, guests get the opportunity to purchase and experience art in a natural setting and ultimately an environment where art eventually lives. “We live in an experience economy and every business that requires people to come to a venue to purchase anything needs to create opportunities for discovery and wonder in order to survive” says Martineau.

Did we mention this Fair takes place in luxury homes on the intracoastal and only accessible by boat? But what about potential buyers? At the end of the day, the individual that can purchase a luxury home can also purchase a piece of art and how many of those luxury home buyers are visiting the hectic Art Fairs? At least for Art Basel Miami - the traffic, expensive parking, distance to the other satellite fairs makes for a stressful day of must see art in an environment that provides little time for introspection and enjoyment of the very art that is the anchor of the experience you just spent your weekend running around doing. 

As Fort Lauderdale becomes more diverse and sophisticated with a burgeoning downtown, the city is ready for an Art Fair that complements its world-class cultural institutions. And in the words of our co-founder Evan Snow “The community has been growing exponentially with the appeal of a bustling downtown minutes away from the beach, airport and port which make it an attractive location for experience seekers to not only vacation - but to live. We created a Fair that not only satisfies the needs of the visitor, but also serves the needs of culture seeking residents like us.”

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20 Dec 2017

By Ina Lee